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M.I.T. Deadline Moved Up; Rental Shenanigans; More!

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EAST CAMBRIDGE—Awkward! "Having discovered that a Massachusetts Institute of Technology petition to remake 26 acres in Kendall Square may expire more than a week earlier than they thought, city councilors moved it forward Monday and decided not to televise a meeting being held on the issue at 9:30 a.m. Friday." Now, the possible expiration date is April 15. [Day]
HUB-WIDE—Sneaky! (Or: Clever!) "Many Boston real estate agents are not putting apartment listings on MLS as result of the tight market because they know that they can rent it out themselves thus avoiding a co-broke with another office." [Real Estate Now]
ALLSTON/BRIGHTON—Safety first! A stretch of Commonwealth Ave. through Boston U. has been rejiggered after a spate of bike-car accidents: "The new signs include ones suggesting that motorists drive below the speed limit along the avenue, an at-times dizzying confluence of foot, bicycle, vehicular, and MBTA traffic." []


Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA