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130 Commonwealth Aims to Be Boston's Priciest Rental Ever

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A month ago, we would've said that $43,000 a month for a Boston residence, however ornate, however prime in its location, however capacious, was sheer madness.

The 9,187-square-foot mansion at 130 Commonwealth Avenue, with its private elevator, its five fireplaces, its 2,200-bottle wine cellar, and its six deeded parking spaces (six!), hit the rental market this morning for just that amount: $43,000 a month. It famously hit the sales market back in July 2012 for $12,500,000 (famously because it hit the same day that 78 Beacon Street did for $10,750,000—perhaps the only time that two $10M-plus listings have dropped in Boston in the same day). Someone has agreed to buy the 6-BR, 10-BA manse dating from 1882 (and its last listing was that $12.5M tag). That deal is due to close on May 1, at which time 130 Commonwealth is all yours for the aforementioned rent.

Will it get that? Well, like we said, if you had asked us that in late February, we would've told you that that stuff is only legal medicinally (and not yet besides). But then the Benjamin Mansion at 74 Beacon Street was leased for $40,000. And, for that matter, this Ritz penthouse was leased for $30,000. So stay tuned.
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Ritz-Carlton Residences

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Benjamin Mansion

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