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The Ames-Webster Buyer Is a Saudi Sheikh

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Figures it'd be aristocracy.

When we broke the news on Monday of the sales price of the 50-room, 26,000-square-foot Ames-Webster Mansion at 306 Dartmouth Street ($14,500,000), we noted that we had no idea who the buyer was and what he/she/it was planning for the palace. We know the answer to the first question (because we searched public records—and you can, too!): The buyer of the Ames-Webster Mansion is FAL Boston LLC, a corporation under the umbrella of FAL Holdings. FAL Holdings is an international conglomerate chaired by Saudi sheikh, Fahad Al-Athel, who, according to his corporate bio, has an MBA from the University of Santa Clara, a Jesuit college. How about that.

The same biography gives a hint of what Sheikh Al-Athel's plans might be for the Ames-Webster, currently used as an office building for about 20 companies: "Mr. Fahad Al-Athel is also a major international investor in both established banking, commercial and industrial companies and in a number of start-up and research and development projects." Offices, then, for a current or future venture? A rep from Al-Athel's broker, First Boston Realty, told us, "We are exploring all the opportunities and potentials of the building." And a reader commented in one of our earlier articles this week: "Rumor has it—Saudi money to be a single-family or two-family for himself and daughter." The more we know, the less we know. Stay tuned.
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Ames-Webster Mansion

306 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116