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Massachusetts' Old Governor's Mansion Has a Buyer

The old Cambridge stomping ground of William "Amber-Colored Liquid" Weld when he was governor for much of the 1990s has had a rough go of it on the sales market.

When it was listed by ex-wife Susan Roosevelt (yes, of those Roosevelts) in September 2011, the 8-BR, 4.5-BA, 6,755-square-foot manse at 28 Fayerweather Street was the only listing in Cambridge for more than $5,000,000. It underwent four price-chops, however, in the next year-plus, down to $3,800,000, where it started the new year listed by Hammond Real Estate.

In Mass. political circles, the house is perhaps most famous as the site of a 1993 poker game hosted by then-Governor Weld, whereafter one of the players, Ron Kaufman, later an adviser to Mitt Romney, got pulled for drunk driving. Weld's defense of his friend immortalized the situation: "I did not observe him to be drunk at all. I saw him with one glass of an amber-colored liquid in front of him, and I remember saying to myself, 'Ron is nursing that drink.'"

Someone has bought this piece of history, kids. We're not sure of the final price (the deal has yet to close, though $3.8M was the final asking). So stay tuned.
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Arthur Astor Carey House

28 Fayerweather Street, Cambridge, MA