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Eastie Casino Protest; Priciest Boston Sale; More!

EAST BOSTON—Maverick Square was alive with the sound of democracy Saturday: "About 40 people who withstood a brisk wind, many holding CasiNO! signs, said the $1 billion project proposed by Caesars Entertainment would increase traffic and take customers away from local restaurants and shops." [Globe]
BOSTON—Major crimes were down annually in early 2012, according to the BPD: "Between Jan. 1 and March 18 this year, there were seven killings, compared with eight in the same period in 2012 ... Rapes and attempted rapes dropped by 25 percent; robbery by 7 percent; aggravated assaults by 16 percent; burglary by 8 percent; larceny by 17 percent; and vehicle theft by 14 percent." [Globe]
BACK BAY—And, in case you missed it, we broke the news on Saturday that the Ames-Webster Mansion is to be used as a private residence, "making it, by our back-of-the-envelop calculations, the priciest private-home trade in the modern history of Boston. The previous record belonged to a Mandarin-Oriental penthouse that traded in June 2011 for $13,200,000." [Curbed Boston]

Ames-Webster Mansion

306 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116