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Here's the Hyde Park House Mayor Menino Will Be Retiring To

Mayor Menino started his journey toward the end of his political life today from a Cape-style house at 102 Chesterfield Street in Hyde Park, the neighborhood where he grew up. We know that the mayor has had health problems in his 70th year.

The house is several years younger than its owner. It was built in 1955, and, according to city records (which you, too, can search!), it's in "good" condition, particularly the interior, which holds seven rooms, including three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. The exterior is an aluminum vinyl that gives 102 Chesterfield an "average" look as far as the city that Menino runs is concerned.

The house's total value, including for the 1,749-square-foot interior and the 3,651-square-foot lot it's all on, was $361,800 for fiscal year 2013 (that's down from a peak of $413,800 in FY2007). And, oh, yes, the mayor owed $3,029.58 in net taxes on 102 Chesterfield.
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