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Cambridge Going Postal; Boston's Iconic Sandwiches; More!

Here are some delicious bits from Eater Boston.

CAMBRIDGE—Chef Steve "Nookie" Postal is opening not one but two restaurants in Cambridge—Commonwealth and Steinbonesand he's documenting the experience in a new On the House column. Commonwealth will be a 6,500-square-foot market and restaurant, and Steinbones will be a "small, kitschy Jewish barbecue joint." Watch his 120-hour work weeks with terror and anticipation.
HUB-WIDE—Check out this list of Boston's 18 most iconic sandwiches, drool, and then enter into comment wars about how these are all wrong and how your favorites all got slighted. Included on the list: pork fennel and pork rabe at Cutty's, spuckie at Bova's Bakery, and pressed Cuban at Chez Henri.
HUB-WIDE—Veggie taco lovers (and party lovers) rejoice! The Taco Party food truck launches on April 1, and it's 100 percent vegetarian. Its current six-day-a-week schedule will take it to BU, Northeastern, Back Bay, Chinatown, and Dorchester, and the menu includes $3 tacos such as the Seitanthony's Feast: "Meaty slices of seitan marinated in a citrus love potion. Topped with pickled red onion, lettuce and chipotle crema."
HUB-WIDE—Lamb, lamb, and more lamb! It's almost Easter, and it's finally sort of feeling like spring, so lamb is popping up on menus around town more than ever. Here are 16 dishes to try, from Dali's grilled baby lamb chops in peach sauce to Poe's Kitchen's lamb tip tacos.