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Ominous MBTA Warning; Porter Square Expansion

HUB-WIDE—The MBTA has backed a budget that would rely on tax increases, rather than fare hikes, for closing a big gap. But! "Without new state aid, 'we will take steps immediately after July 1 to close that gap.' Fare hikes would go into effect around December. Under the plan, subway fares would rise from $2 to $2.45, while bus fares would climb from $1.50 to $1.85." []
CAMBRIDGE—Never mind Central and Kendall! Porter Square's got its own thing going on: "As early as next week, Lesley University will break ground on a project to move the North Prospect Church to an adjacent grassy lot and construct a new building to house the Art Institute of Boston." [Chronicle]

Porter Square

1899 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140