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JP's Arborway Castle Needs You Now

The 8,514-square-foot manse at 61 Arborway in Jamaica Plain has quite the history—and quite the reputation.

The house has put itself out there for a short sale for $1,500,000. (What's a short sale? Why, glad you asked!) We doubt it'll get that as the listing frankly admits that the house needs "some TLC" to bring it "back to life." What kind of life has 61 Arborway had? Well, according to a Globe article from 1937, it was built in the late 19th century around part of a house dating from 1650, making the bones of the current castle perhaps the oldest residential ones in JP. The property has connections to the Revolution, too, and apparently "1760" can be seen on the back of one of the 11 fireplaces.

Its more recent history is not quite as illustrious: The man who bought 61 Arborway in December 2005 for $1,650,000 was notorious not only for garish Christmas lights, but for apparently owing $123,833.37 in back child support. Classy. According to city property records, the castle appears to be owned by a female relative.
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