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Curbed University Is Back in Session Starting This Week

... And we want input from you, the students. Last year, Curbed University covered in the most non-boring of ways (when it comes to the arcana of real estate) how to buy, rent and sell in the Hub. We're going to do it again this year, starting this week and running through May, with regular posts about said subjects as well as whatever new subjects you feel we should be tackling (trading triple-deckers, anyone?). Send us suggestions via the anonymous tipline. Also welcome: expert advice and trends you've noticed since class was last in session.

To prime your memory for the sessions ahead, we've compiled this crib sheet of prior Curbed U. topics:
· Introducing Curbed University! Lesson 1: Deciding to Buy
· More on Buying: You Got Questions, We've Got Answers
· Mortgage Basics (Assuming You Don't Pay Cash)
· Final Buying Lesson: Things in Listings That Make You Go Hmm
· Closing Time: What Happens—and When—to Seal a Deal
· 14 Questions Answered About Renting in the Hub
· A Beginner's Guide to Hub Neighborhoods and Sales Prices