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The Battle for Back Bay's Border Has Been Won

The Herald's reporting that the state has picked a partnership of Samuels & Associates and Weiner Ventures to build big over the intersection of Mass. Ave. and Boylston Street.

The partnership, called ADG Scotia, would build a mid-rise with more than 100 housing units and 40,000 square feet of retail space on the so-called Parcel 12 (on the west side of Mass. Ave. between Boylston and Newbury streets) and a 32-story high-rise hotel and residential complex on what's known as Parcel 15 (on the south side of Boylston between Scotia and Dalton streets) with 111 residential units, 270 hotel rooms, and nearly 10K square feet of retail. ADG Scotia beat out similarly lusty bids from the Chiofaro Company and Trinity Financial.

The plans are, of course, a game-changer for the Fenway-Back Bay borderlands. As we noted in August 2012: "You think rents in Bay Bay and the Fenway are expensive now? In five years you might just be nostalgic for the days when the intersection of Mass. Ave. and Boylston was characterized by the wind-swept open spaces of the Massachusetts Turnpike."
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