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Car-Less Allston Blding. No More; Worst Snow-Shovelers; More!

BOSTON—This might not be a gander most prospective buyers want to take, but here are condo price changes in three prime neighborhoods since 2005. [Back Bay Charm]
HUB-WIDE—Steve Annear has a friendly warning: "With anywhere from six to 10 inches of snow expected to hit the Bay State this week, locals are going to be breaking out their shovels and snow scrapers once again to clear out the sidewalks and uncover their snow-buried vehicles. But some neighborhoods, according to a local watchdog group, fail to adhere to city rules more so than others, and never adequately remove snow from pathways connecting the city." Dorchester, we're looking at you. [BostInno]

ALLSTON—That car-less apartment building? Cloud cuckoo land: "So Mariscal is backing off for now, saying he would add 35 parking spaces to a proposed building on North Beacon Street, drop the storage space, but still seek out carless tenants to prove his point that Boston needs a project like his." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—Galen Moore reminds us that we are lemmings when it comes to the T: "The MBTA's chief financial officer on Tuesday floated a fare-only solution to a nine-figure budget gap that would hike bus and subway fares by 33 percent. ... Guess what? You might complain about it, but you'd still ride the T. The last time the MBTA increased fares, in 2012, they expected ridership to drop, and calculated projected revenue accordingly. What happened? T ridership increased despite the fare increase." [Biz Journal]

37 North Beacon Street

37 North Beacon Street, Boston, MA