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Downtown Crossing's Most Disgusting Alley; More!

BOSTON—This. "The 22-year-old Babson College junior was throwing a last-minute party at his Boston apartment and wanted to add a few special touches. So the undergrad rang his personal concierge." [WSJ via The Hub]
DOWNTOWN CROSSING—So there's a particularly disgusting alley in downtown Boston: "This alley—which zigzags through the block bordered by Chauncey, Bedford, Kingston, and Summer streets in Downtown Crossing—wasn't the site of a gruesome killing, but it is home to illegal and unsanitary activities that city officials hope to bring to an end." []
BOSTON—Put your cake down and check this out: "Boston may not be the fittest. But StumbleUpon, a website technology company, found that the Hub tops the list of cities that party the hardest." Philly was second and some place called Chicago was third. [Biz Journal]