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Combat Zone Drawn Down; Kendall Square Rezoning; More!

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DOWNTOWN—Thomas Grillo reports from the Combat Zone, circa 2013: "[O]ne thing is certain, Historic Boston's transformation of H.H. Richardson's only remaining commercial property into apartments, is another example of the former Combat Zone's demise. The red light, adult entertainment district has been disappearing for decades. Today, just two strip clubs are located at the edge of Chinatown and Downtown Crossing." [Biz Journal]
EAST CAMBRIDGE—Plans for the rezoning of Kendall Square continue apace, with everyone throwing his or her two cents in: "Residents and officials had plenty of ideas and comments that could keep the plan evolving, including a suggestion by East Cambridge resident Mark Jaquith to allow soaring heights south of Main Street so long as buildings heights are restricted by Broad Canal; and a proposal at the committee's previous meeting by School Committee member Fred Fantini to make [M.I.T.] promise to accept more worthy Cambridge Rindge & Latin School graduates as underclassmen each year." [Day]
DOWNTOWN CROSSING—The pushcarts, for now, are history: "Rosemarie Sansone, president of the business district, an association of local property owners, said consultants are currently analyzing the program and plans are underway to launch a smaller, improved initiative in 2014. The current crop of pushcarts must be out by the end of March." []

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

The Hayden Building

681-683 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02116