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The Serious History of Brookline's Priciest New Listing

In real estate, there is cachet, and there is cachet.

It all starts in 1829, when Samuel Philbrick moves into the 7-year-old house at 182 Walnut Street in Brookline (said to be the 100th house built in the already-tony town). Philbrick was a noted abolitionist, and his house soon became a stop on the Underground Railroad. It remained that way through 1859, when he died, telling his son, Edward, who inherited the house, "you will live to see a war over this slavery business" (which, of course, came within 18 months). The Philbricks held the address until 1922.

What'd you get with the house besides the serious historical cachet? Five bedrooms; five bathrooms; 6,500 square feet surrounded by nearly 2 acres originally landscaped by Frederick Law Olmsted of Central Park fame (more history!); and Adam and Classical Revival features like reeded dados and doors with sunk panels. Yours for $4,250,000.
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