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Zero Hour Approaches for Central Square

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One of the fiercest development fights in the Hub could come to a head before the end of the year.

Marc Levy at Cambridge Day guesstimates that the City Council could rule on a zoning change for Central Square that allows for taller, denser development that could, in turn, bring thousands of more housing units to the area and thread retail down side streets, all of it in a more heavily trafficked—pedestrian and otherwise—melange of 21st-century urban planning.

Whew. The fight over upzoning or downzoning has already been rather viciously fought. Proponents of keeping Central Square and the surrounding area low-rise warn of traffic jams to end all traffic jams. Proponents of upzoning tout the diversity and the lower housing costs denser development could bring. The fight's gotten crazy at times and gotten plenty of attention (it even garnered a Curbed Award!). Stay tuned. It's about to stop being so academic in Cambridge.
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Central Square

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