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Union Development; Basta w/ the Silicon Valley Comparisons!

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SOMERVILLE—Plans for 84 apartments off Union Square face opposition because they come with only 86 parking spaces: "When the owner of a six-unit apartment building recently started charging tenants to park in the driveway, those tenants started parking on the street, impacting parking in the whole area, Millen said, asking people to imagine the impact of 84 units in the neighborhood." [Patch]
HUB-WIDE—Galen Moore wants you to stop comparing the region to Silicon Valley: "The thing is, no one in Boston questions that Silicon Valley is the world's Mecca for technology startups. Massachusetts lost that title in the personal computer revolution, 30 years ago. In Technology History 101, the PC revolution falls under 'ancient.' If tech history were American history, Steve Wozniak would have worn lace collars and three-cornered hats. Scale-wise, Silicon Valley is now so much bigger than Boston, the comparison just isn't meaningful." [Biz Journal]