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Millennium Place Listings Start to Drop

We knew that downtown Boston's newest gated community had been trading units at a rather brisk pace. Now, though, for the first time, they're popping up on the region's multiple-listing service, giving us a precise peek into the pricing at 580 Washington Street.

The most expensive Millennium Place listing on the MLS is $3,275,000 for a 3-BR, 3-BA penthouse spread over 2,349 square feet. Others include a 3-BR, 3-BA, 1,908-square-foot, sixth-floor unit (the building's 15 floors) for $2,045,000; another one on the sixth floor, this a 3-BR, 2.5-BA over 1,703-square feet and asking $1,500,000; yet another sixth-floor unit, with two bedrooms and two baths and 1,378 square feet, asking $1,335,000; and there's one on the fourth floor for $1,300,000, with three bedrooms, two baths and 1,478 square feet. The cheapest options appear to be a 10th-floor, 2-BR, 2-BA, 1,301-square-foot unit for $1,095,000 and another fourth-floor option, this one a 2-BR, 2-BA over 1,166 square feet for a mere $970,000.

All the listings, interestingly enough, do not describe the units themselves, but rather retreat to describing the all-in-one building: "Residents will enjoy unique 5 Star Service such as 24 hour concierge and doorman as well as access to a private club with casual dining, a lovely bar and lounge area, and a beautifully cultivated garden." Etc. Hence the gated community.
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Millennium Place

580 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111