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People Really Do Buy Those Six-Figure Boston Parking Spaces

There are only three condos in 37 Brimmer Street in Beacon Hill. One, the 1,940-square-foot penthouse duplex, traded in late March for $2,200,000. Another, a 3,133-square-foot triplex, traded in mid-December for $2,400,000. We didn't pay that trade much mind—until we remembered that the triplex had come with a pricey parking space.

That deeded, garaged parking space was asking $275,000 (the triplex itself was asking $2,495,000). Pricey parking spaces have always existed in one form or another in Boston for ages: garaged, back-alley, curbside, someone's lawn, etc. But the really expensive ones of recent post-recessionary times, those in the six figures, have always existed as some kind of ephemera, no? A small-talk topic, as in, You won't believe it! Plus, isn't there a War on Cars in Boston, so wouldn't it be gauche to pay such top dollar for private parking? Whatever: Unit 1's parking space did, indeed, go for $275,000, according to public records. Happy Friday.
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