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Hub 'Slowest Selling Market'; M.I.T.'s 'Shock Troops'

CAMBRIDGE—That forum organized by A Better Cambridge brought out the emotions, particularly re: M.I.T.'s Kendall Square plans: "Fred Salvucci, a former state secretary of transportation and senior lecturer in civil engineering at the institute, returned time and again at the two-hour-plus forum to bashing his employer for its plan's approach to sustainability and housing for graduate students, whom he called 'shock troops' who will go on unintentionally displacing families and longtime residents." [Day]
HUB-WIDE—Scott Van Voorhis sees the region's housing market as not as rush-rush as markets elsewhere: "But not here in Greater Boston, where buyers still appear to be inclined to do a fair amount of tire kicking before they sign on the dotted line. Only 3.3 percent of all Boston area homes are selling in the first two weeks. That makes us the 'slowest selling market' in the country..." []

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA