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That's Some Dorm Room! 'For Your Student' in Back Bay

Remember the old days? When you had to rough it in college with a gleaming 1-BR apartment with hardwood floors all to yourself and a stainless-steel kitchen to microwave your Ramen in?

Well, somebody, someday, may remember just that. This lovely 720-square-footer (no, that's not micro) at 8 Garrison Street is being advertised as perfect "owner-occupied, investment, or housing for your student." (Though, considering the crackdown on absentee landlords with noisy tenants, brokers may be better off catering to the former.)

This is actually very effective advertising because when students need housing for four years, they immediately think to use their extensive credit history and sizable savings to take out a 30-year mortgage. They would never think to just rent out somewhere for the academic year, or ask around to see if a friend needs an extra roommate. They certainly wouldn't want roommates, either, as so many peoples' happy collegiate memories center on living in total solitude. One thing is clear: with phrasing like "your student" it's not the students being appealed to at all. Yours/theirs for $399,000. — Emma Anquillare
· Listing: 8 Garrison Street, #200 [Gibson Sotheby's]