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Sole Charles Street Meeting House Condo Up for Grabs

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Even in a city as chock-a-block with historic housing as Boston, the lone residential condo in the 206-year-old Charles Street Meeting House stands out. And, as of Monday, it can be yours for $4,900,000.

For that, you get what the listing from Coldwell Banker's Bruce McLean demurely calls "one of the most unique homes in the city." Indeed. The 4,000-square-foot condo bears the details of its origin as part of an historic church that became a hotbed of abolitionism soon after its 1807 completion (it was very likely the first racially integrated church in America). There are barrel-vaulted ceilings, arched windows, lots of columns, exposed beams, and a cupola with epic views of the Hub (really, just look at the photos). The Meeting House was converted to mostly offices and retail in the early 1980s, and underwent an extensive restoration and renovation shortly afterward that left it with the condo. Go.
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