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You Know Someone's Gonna Buy Cambridge's 'Mighty Mouse'

This 314-square-foot condo at 1800 Massachusetts Avenue near Porter Square is another fine example of what our micro-apartment future might look like.

The 1-BR, 1-BA is asking $199,000 through Coldwell Banker's Nancy Dixon, who told Cambridge Day last week, "I expect it'll go into under agreement after the weekend, a factor of little inventory there is and how much pent-up demand." Indeed, Hub homes move fast these days, no matter how, let's say, unique they might be and how gutsy the pricing. Lest you are still unconvinced someone will plunk down $633.75 per square foot for what Dixon dubs "a Mighty Mouse," know that someone paid $292,000 for a 506-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA in the same building this time last year. That's $577.08 per square foot (the average per-foot price for Cambridge 1-BRs is around $550, according to Trulia). May you live in interesting times.
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