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Reckoning Coming for Long-Stalled One Canal

One Canal, the would-be 12-story, 320-unit apartment complex in the Bulfinch Triangle, has been long delayed because it had no supermarket in its plans. See, the city and the state have predicated the necessary O.K.'s for developer Trinity Financial on bringing said supermarket to the borderlands of the West End, the North End and Beacon Hill (Trinity acquired the development site in 2010). Then, in January, the news dropped that two towers would sprout at the old Boston Garden site nearby and one of those towers would contain... wait for it... a supermarket.

Once that news was out there, the speculation soon began that One Canal's path was clear. A supermarket is a supermarket is a supermarket. Well! The city's Zoning Board of Appeal is on Tuesday scheduled to remove the supermarket provision from the requirements for One Canal. Whether that means Trinity will, in fact, move forward with the complex (and we will update our Residential Heatmap) remains to be seen. Stay tuned.
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One Canal

1 Canal Street, Boston, MA 02114