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Mass. House, Condo Sales, Prices; Back Bay Normalcy

MASS.-WIDE—Home sales were down while prices were up, according to the latest numbers: "Single-family home sales dropped 3.6 percent to 3,100 in March, down from 3,215 in March 2012. This is the second consecutive monthly decrease in Bay State home sales. ... Condominium sales statewide in March dropped for the second straight month. Condo sales decreased more than 2 percent to 1,211 from 1,240 in March 2012." [Banker & Tradesman]
BACK BAY—At least one resident forced from his home because of last week's crime scene has spoken out about the temporary inconvenience: "I've never heard of a disaster situation where elected officials and their surrogates weren't on the ground. As I've written before, this is Rascal King 101. The sheer incompetency is staggering." [Hub]
BACK BAY—Meanwhile, that former scene gradually returned to normal throughout today: "The reopening of Boylston began at 10 Tuesday morning, as Boston officials escorted business owners and staff, and residents, beginning with those buildings the furthest from the blast sites, as they are least likely to have to contend with dangerous structural issues or other hazards." []