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Combing Cambridge Rents

Our deep-dive into the real apartment rents of Cambridge continues, as readers write in about what they're really paying (accepted stats be danged):

· "I'm paying $1,775/month for a large one bedroom, ground floor, a few blocks from Central Square. Mid 2000's construction. Parking is another $125. Rent going up $25 for 2014. Square Feet: approx 900"
· "North Cambridge, off Mass Ave & almost to Arlington ... $1850/month. 2-BR, 1-BA"
· "We currently live in a tiny 1 bedroom in Wellington-Harrington (Inman Square area, near Atwoods) for $1625/mo including heat and hot water. We've just signed a lease for a larger 1 bedroom in Central Square (Area IV neighborhood) on Colombia near Toscanini's for $2125/mo (excluding utilities)."

Come on, don't be shy, tell us! (Anonymity guaranteed.) A fresh rental season is soon here, after all.
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Central Square

Central Square, , MA 02139