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$400K in East Somerville: an Unstoppable 2-BR, 2-BA

We ask you again: How hot is the Somerville housing market?

It must be scorching, given that this 2-BR, 2-BA at 118 Perkins Street moved in 75 days, despite listing photos that showed a close-up of a showerhead (as well as what looks like the seller's dandruff shampoo) and a cat contentedly staring into the sunlight from a bed. Hey, if this condo with a demented clown poster on the wall can sell for thousands over asking, then anything can happen in Somerville, are we right? Listed by Stephen Bremis, the 1,074-square-foot spread at 118 Perkins, near the Sullivan T stop, sold for $400,000 in a deal that closed Monday.
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