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Updated Eater Heatmap; Reborn Dumpling Room; More!

Let's all have a scrumptious taste of Eater Boston!

HUB-WIDE—Wondering where you should be eating at this very moment? Eater Boston's Heatmap has been updated for April, and your presence is immediately required at Spoke Wine Bar, Burro Bar, Tavern Road, and Boston Chops. Loosen that waistband.
CENTRAL SQUARE/EAST CAMBRIDGE—Chef Steve "Nookie" Postal weighs in again on his experiences opening two restaurants simultaneously, Commonwealth and Steinbones. In this installment of "On the House," Postal discusses taking some advice from restaurateur Ana Sortun and visiting "an obstetrician for opening restaurants" to get help with locations, leases, business plans, and such.

KENDALL SQUARE—Hungry Mother won The Globe's Munch Madness competition yet again - the third year in a row - by defeating Sortun's Oleana in the final bracket. The two restaurants engaged in some good-natured trash-talking during the last round, exchanging turkeys, quails, and threats of ass-kicking.
CENTRAL SQUARE—Cambridge's most giggle-inducing restaurant name is no more. 20-year-old Pu Pu Hot Pot is becoming the slightly less hilarious The Dumpling Room, which will - surprise! - focus on dumplings, as well as Taiwanese food.