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Ink Block Party Time; Renters vs. Owners; More!

SOUTH END—The mammoth Ink Block complex is throwing itself an invite-only party on April 11 to mark its groundbreaking. Guest of honor is Mayor Menino. [Ink Block]
HUB-WIDE—Might the owner be jealous of the renter next-door? "More than 61 percent of adults across the country believe that 'renters can be just as successful as owners at achieving the American Dream,' according to a survey just released by the MacArthur Foundation's How Housing Matters initiative. And it is not just renters saying this, with 59 percent of homeowners agreeing with this statement." []
BOSTON—Galen Moore has a little quiz for you: "Over the past few weeks, I rode around the city with a camera, getting strange looks from construction workers as I photographed partial views of 10 Boston building projects that have begun to show their curb appeal. Some have topped off already; others have the remains of historic facades propped up in front, as girders go up behind." [Biz Journal]