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Density Forum in Cambridge; Allston House Jams; More!

BACK BAY—Here's what caused that fire on Monday: "Fire Investigators have determined the cause of the roof deck fire at 182 Beacon St. to be careless disposal of a cigarette. Specifically, on the roof deck was a flower pot being used as an ashtray." People. [Hub]
CAMBRIDGE—A Better Cambridge, a group advocating denser, transit-oriented development in the city, is going to hold a forum on Thursday night: "An expert panel addresses the demographic shifts that are pressuring Cambridge's housing market and transportation systems, and talks about solutions that can make Cambridge a leader in defining a new urban America in the age of climate change." [A Better Cambridge]
ALLSTON—A musician is trying to create a nonprofit that can provide performance space that doesn't run afoul of Boston noise ordinances—and in the nick of time, too: "Crackdowns on 'Do It Yourself' or DIY shows at the hands of Boston Police, like the one at Hall's residence, have been consistent since November. More and more reports have rolled in from the rock-generating community, claiming officials put an end to unlicensed jam sessions held in basements and practice spaces." [Boston Daily]