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Fast Times at 45 Province: $3M-Plus Trade in Two Days

The 137-unit condo tower 45 Province in downtown Boston got its best news in a while at the start of spring: it passed the 100-unit mark in sales, sealing the deal on a $4,010,000 pad that perhaps put to rest doubts about the development's location. These doubts had been fed by brokers critical of plunking a luxury tower in an area that was more 9 to 5 than 24-7. Along came Millennium Place and Tower, and the perception of the area has started to shift.

The latest proof that perhaps 45 Province is past the cattiness is the $3,501,810 sale of a 3-BR, 3-BA after... get this... only two days on the sales market. Yup: the 2,628-square-foot spread listed by R. Wayne Lopez went on the market originally for $3,699,000 on April 29 and was gone 48 hours afterward. Such rapidity is not unheard of in Boston's luxury condo market, of course; but it's quite the feather for 45 Province's cap.
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Residences At 45 Province

45 Province Street, Boston, MA 02108

Millennium Place

580 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111