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Keeping Your Head Down When It Comes to Cambridge Rents

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We've been soliciting the real apartment rents of Cambridge for a few weeks now and have gotten a plethora of hard numbers and interesting analyses.

One of the more recent ones that really struck us comes from a reader who is paying $2,250 a month to live in a 1-BR by People's Republik in Central Square.

We have a balcony, a dishwasher and laundry in the building. It's been recently updated and LOOKS nice but was done kind of cheaply. I think the building is mostly condos of which a lot are rented out and our landlord raised the rent by $100 for next year. I want to fight my $100 rent increase but seeing that other person with $100 increases each year on a lower rent I might just try and lock in this rent for the next two years while my girlfriend finishes law school.

That's a sometimes-overlooked aspect of the Greater Boston rental market: the cost of staying put (and paying more) vs. the cost of moving. Or: better the devil you know... Send us your own real-life Cambridge rents and tenancy issues (anonymity guaranteed).
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Central Square

Central Square, , MA 02139