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Panic-Buying in Mass.; Boston Parkland; More!

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MASS.-WIDE—Scott Van Voorhis doesn't want you to freak out but: "While the number of homes for sale has fallen to all-time lows as sellers sit on the fence, buyers are snapping up whatever homes are out there, dogs and all. ... Are buyers getting in before things really get crazy, or settling for homes they really should be thinking twice about?" []
CAMBRIDGE—Luckily, the city's housing authority has a plan: "The authority has been hunting for money to fix substantial problems in its aging projects, many of which have not had major repairs in decades, while federal funding has shrunk. Officials have warned that without extensive rehab, the developments could deteriorate to the point where they can't be used." [Day]
BOSTON—The city wants its residents to help come up with a plan to develop more parkland and protect what's already there: "The Open Space Plan for 2015 to 2021, 'will look at all public open space, regardless of ownership, including parks, playgrounds, squares, malls, urban wilds, community gardens, cemeteries, greenways, trails, thoroughfares, and harbor islands," city officials said in a statement Tuesday.'" []