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Busy, Busy West Broadway! New Condo Would Join Mini-Boom

The second phase of the Allele at Silver and A streets in Southie would fit in smartly with the construction activity in the area.

The second phase would plant a six-story condo building of 30 one- and two-bedroom units on the site of a single-story repair garage. It would have 30 parking spaces as well and an approximately 1,272-square-foot retail space. There might eve be roof terraces, per Patrick Rosso in Construction would start in early 2014.

It would have company, including 11 West Broadway, a 50-unit rental that will include the first Starbucks in Southie beyond the waterfront. Portentous! There's also a 12-story hotel planned at West Broadway and Dorchester Avenue and the 31-unit rental at 22-26 West Broadway that caused so much hubbub re: parking. Of course, in our modern, go-go Boston, few patches of the city are without construction noise.
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11 West Broadway

11 West Broadway, Boston, MA