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Red Sox Rally for Air Rights

The smell of Fenway Franks in the air, throngs of people on Lansdowne Street, the usual game day action. Even though it's Red Sox nation on Lansdowne Street, the Sox don't technically own the streets surrounding Fenway park. The streets and air rights of where the Green Monster is built on are owned by the city. Since 2003, the ownership has paid license fees of around $186,000 a year for the rights to use these streets. The fees are relatively minuscule, compared to the $5 million they profit from revenue every year. Now with the deal set to expire at the end of the season, the Sox are looking to extend this deal permanently. Not so fast though, the Boston Redevelopment Authority want the fee to reflect the income earned from the streets. This means a bigger chunk of money for the Sox shell out, especially if revenue sales continue to go up. So far the score stands at Red Sox 1 and BRA 0. - Brenda Phan

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