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Free Wi-Fi!; Keeping Cambridge Innovative

South Station—Life just got a little better during your hellish commute. Google and the MBTA has partnered to bring you free wi-fi at South Station. Steve Vinter of Google stated, "As a major hub for Boston area residents, the new WiFi network at South Station will allow hundreds of thousands of commuters to be even more productive online each day." [Herald]

Boston—If you're like hundreds of other lucky Bostonians, your lease will be ending soon and the mad dash to find a new apartment will begin. These sites will help you breeze through your apartment search this summer. [BostInno]

Kendall Square—The age old question in Cambridge, how do you keep start ups and innovators in Cambridge? By proposing to change the zoning laws of course. Hear out the arguments for both sides of the debate on why or why not that would be a good idea. [] —Brenda Phan

MBTA South Station

700 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02110 617 222 3200 Visit Website

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA