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Boston's Satellite-Dish Ban; Income to Buy in the Hub; More!

BOSTON—A government watchdog wants the FCC to rule on the city's satellite-dish regulations (the FCC blocked enforcement of the regs shortly after they were passed 11 months ago): "That's left the city unable to regulate the dishes, except in historic neighborhoods such as Back Bay and Beacon Hill, which have special protections against them being visible from public ways." [Herald]

GREENWAY—The new carousel isn't about whimsy: "The carousel that will run at the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway in Boston is a little different. Designed by two local artists, the ride will include an assortment of local land, sea, and air creatures." []
HUB-WIDE—So what'd you need to earn annually to buy in the region? Here's one estimate, and it's based partly on the Hub's achingly low inventory. [MSN]

Rose Kennedy Greenway

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