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Downtown Crossing's New Casino-Resort

Imagine if there was a push for a casino-resort at the old Filene's site in Downtown Crossing. The idea's moot, of course, as the site will soon host the mother of all recent Boston towers, Millennium Tower. But C&MP, a series of speculative building designs by a pair of Boston architects, has, indeed, imagined a casino-resort in the heart of downtown Boston (instead of at Suffolk Downs in East Boston, where the real push is under way). Above would be the view of the casino-resort from Franklin and Washington streets.



The rationale for a Downtown Crossing casino-resort is simple, according to C&MP: It would be at the hub of an existing transportation infrastructure that the Suffolk Downs' location simply doesn't have; and while siting the casino-resort at Suffolk Downs has already spawned controversy about increased traffic and pollution, the transportation infrastructure at the Downtown Crossing location largely mitigates such traffic concerns.

Still, a pipe dream, though mighty intriguing (like that idea for a casino at South Station).

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