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How to Get Lucky in the Cambridge Rental Market

The stories of real Cambridge rents (and renters) keep on comin'. Here's a gem from a tenant with a sweet living situation near Lechmere:

I guess I got lucky, in fact I know i'm lucky. I live in a two bedroom on cambridge street in East Cambridge 5 blocks from Lechmere. We have the entire floor of the building including a sizeable back porch, eat in kitchen, living room, dining room, two big bedrooms (mine is about 12x12) and I also have a walk-in closet big enough to put a full size bed in. We have hardwood floors, relatively high ceilings and three exposures, so we get lot's of light. Every sweet living situation has its negatives, right?

The downside is the apartment could use some updating, specifically in the kitchen and the bathroom. but by no mean's do i feel like i'm living in squalor. We pay 1500 a month, don't have a lease and didn't pay a security deposit. Our landlord operates a shop downstairs and I think just doesn't have a good grasp on what it's worth. What's your Cambridge rent story? Tell us (anonymity guaranteed).
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