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Lego Green Line; New Southie Condo

HUB-WIDE—Steve Annear has perhaps the longest Lego-related Q-and-A in the history of journalism... and it's oddly mesmerizing. BU student Elvin Wong used the blocks to recreate the Green Line. Why? "I thought about building a Red Line train at first, also, since it's easier to build as a shape, but I didn't have many red blocks in my bins. Neither did I have any orange ones. I guess it all came down to the fact that I owned pieces from a Lego train set that happened to be green." [Daily]
SOUTH BOSTON—The final O.K. came in for a new condo at Dorchester and Silver streets: "TCR proposes constructing a five-story brick building for six two-bedroom units and two three-bedroom units. The project at 111 Dorchester Street also includes parking for eight cars in a covered garage." []