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Let's Build a Neighborhood Between Eastie and Downtown

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Our Open Thread on open space and density in Greater Boston has ignited quite the debate among readers. One of the most intriguing comments by far is a reminder that a not insignificant part of the region was once underwater.

The reader even suggests a name:

But then, I suppose we could take a page from Ye Olde Days, when they wanted more space they just made it. Half of Boston (and Cambridge, too) used to be under water. It's landfill. how about a land bridge between the North End and East Boston? We could call it the Front Bay. Imagine being able to just walk from East Boston to downtown. Indeed, reclamation is how we got a lot of Back Bay and East Boston, not to mention parts of the South End, Fenway, Kenmore and Cambridge. Your thoughts on alleviating density and creating more open space? Email 'em or leave via the Comments button to the above right. Anonymity guaranteed.
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