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Epic Fenway Center Off Again

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We headlined our last post on the massive development, "Play Ball! Five-Building Fenway Center Definitely, Probably On."

It looks like, in fact, that it is not on. The board of the state Transportation Department on Wednesday postponed its final vote on the project over the Mass. Pike until June 19 at the earliest. A couple of board members want an engineering report on the project and a review of the lease terms between the state and developer John Rosenthal.

'Tis not the first time, of course, that the 1.3 million-square-foot Fenway Center, which would plunk 550 apartments as well as retail and office space (and parking) on a 4.5-acre site comprised mostly of parking lots, has been delayed. First pitched in 2007, the project was held up by legal challenges from an adjoining landowner (challenges that Rosenthal won) and by a dispute with MassDOT over a 99-year lease for the site. Then, this past March, a deal for a parking garage on Lansdowne Street, opposite Fenway Park, seemed to signal that Fenway Center was suddenly moving forward. Then! The state and the developer reached a deal over air rights, sealing the lease terms, which the state transportation board was supposed to O.K.

Then it didn't. Stay tuned.
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