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All Things CapeFLYER; Rich People Problems; More!

It's the unofficial start of summer! What better time to check in with Curbed Cape Cod?

BOSTON/HYANNIS—All aboard! The CapeFLYER heads out of South Station this evening for the start of its seasonal weekend service to Hyannis. We've got some fun facts (the bike car hails from New Jersey) and 13 historic photos of the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge.
NANTUCKET—Here now, a riotous architectural walking tour around town, angry mob not included.
CHAPPAQUIDDICK—Lifestyles of the rich and richer heads over to the Vineyard for eight ridiculous things to know about the Schifter house move. Spoiler alert: it involves 6,500 truck trips.
WEST CHOP—This circa 1758 waterfront six bedroom (above) was once a tavern catering to the seafaring crowd (oh, if walls could talk!), but it now makes its living as a pricey vacation rental. Any idea just how pricey this place might be? A week in August rents for somewhere between $11.5K and $18K. Right this way to play our asking price guessing game.