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Magoun Square Makeover; Boston Population Growth; More!

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MAGOUN SQUARE—Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and Alderman Courtney O'Keefe unveiled a new sign for the area. It's so much more than that, though: "Curtatone said the re-installation of the sign also serves as the forefront of a greater goal to re-imagine the area through the city's Somerville by Design program. Future plans for Magoun Square aim to encourage economic development, expand daytime populations and improve pedestrian access in preparation for the Green Line extension, which is scheduled to reach the area in 2019." []
BOSTON—The population growth comes with (or maybe because of) an economic recovery: "Boston is growing faster than its suburbs—and faster than any large or mid-sized city northeast of Hoboken, New Jersey—according to new population estimates of cities with at least 50,000 people released last week." [Robert David Sullivan]
BOSTON—Speaking of the BRA! "Peter Meade, the director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, will not be return to the job when Mayor Thomas M. Menino leaves City Hall in January." [Biz Journal]