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2 Avery #32EF Finds a Buyer, 2 and a Half Years Later

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We're off to a strong start in May and now 3 days into the month and the big sales are starting to roll in.

There's news that 2 Avery Street #32EF is finally under agreement. In March, we covered this Ritz-Carlton gem when it slashed its listing price $255,000 after being on the market for nearly 3 years. Why now? It could be that Boston's condo market is rising and selling like hypothetical hotcakes, but that's just our opinion. We'll soon find out if Bain & Co. founder Bill Bain got his asking price of $5,495,000, but it's sure to be a big one. —Brenda Phan

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Ritz-Carlton Residences

2 Avery Street, Boston, MA 02111