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Big Deal in the Seaport District

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Things are brewing in the Seaport District again. If this deal goes down, it will be one of the largest developments yet.

Last year, we reported a project from John HynesHe had plans for a building across from the John Joseph Moakley Courthouse . Hynes scratched this plan of building a 750 luxury apartments complex with AvalonBay to consider building office space office to meet growing demand. Then the plans came to a halt and it became arrested development.

Fast forward to today and there is a new deal emerging. The new proposal is possibly bigger than before. This deal will bring 2 22-story towers to Seaport Boulevard with 800 apartments, a movie theater, restaurants, and shops. It would be one of the first projects part of Seaport Square. This 23-acre re-imagines the Seaport's parking lots into residences, offices, stores, and parks. Not much more detail has been released. 15% of the apartments will be set aside for low income renters, as mandated by the city. There's no mention about micro-apartments either, but Hynes hinted that the apartments will range in size. The new joint venture between Hynes and the Berkshire Group will bring a mixed used development to an area that desperately needs life. It could be exactly what the Seaport District needs.

First things first, the proposal still need to be submitted to the Boston Redevelopment Authority to be approved before construction can start. If things go right this time around, construction can start as soon as next year. —Brenda Phan

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