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East Boston is an Island; Chara's Parking Face-Off

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EAST BOSTON— With the imminent closing of Government Center Station in September, the Blue Line will lose its direct connection to the Green Line and force riders to switch lines or use shuttle service. The station will be closed for 2 years for the $90 million renovation project. Residents on the Blue Line voiced their concerns. "East Boston is an island. We're stranded here." []
NORTH END— Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara has some gripes about the parking situation at the Union Wharf complex. Chara listed his grievences in a letter to other tenants about the less than ideal parking on the "garbage side" side of the complex. He wrote, "This can be very uncomfortable or frustrating late at night, in rainy or cold weather and also when carrying groceries." His solution? Move all construction, delivery, and visiting vehicles to the garbage side. [Herald] —Brenda Phan

Union wharf

343 Commercial Street, Boston, Massachusetts