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Eastie Apartment May Be First in the World w/ 3D Printer

In the madcap world of Boston rentals, it takes a certain something-something to stand out from the pack. Micro? Please. Shared roof deck? Done it. Concierge? Can't even pronounce. How about a 3D printer?

Developer Alex Hodara is offering a 3D printer in one of the three units at the under-redevelopment 191 Everett Street in East Boston. That unit, in fact, has already rented for $3,100, and will be move-in ready by Sept. 1. The spread (rendered above) also comes with technological touches like an iRobot Roomba; a shower with a built-in iPad; a projector for an iPad or iPhone; wireless speakers in the living room; and a tablet in the kitchen for looking up recipes. Crazy, right? At first glance, sure. According to Hodara, however, these touches accounted for less than 1 percent of the cost of the redevelopment. And! See the YouTube below where he explains what the future might (and should) hold for Boston apartments.

Also, if you're sitting there wondering what the hell a 3D printer is and you're too embarrassed to even Google it, here's the one that comes with the unit at 191 Everett. Now you know.
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