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Casino-Resort Monies; South Station Expansion; More!

HUB-WIDE—So there: "They're a threat to pedestrians and cause property damage and they create mental trauma for drivers who unfortunately collide with them. The only way to eliminate bicycling fatalities in a city like Boston, is to eliminate bicycles entirely, not to add bicycle lanes." [Herald]

DOWNTOWN—MassDOT has been analyzing feedback on plans to expand South Station, which is no stranger to change: "The so-called ghost terminal was originally built by the New Haven Railroad, and included a two-track loop large enough to handle 25,000 passengers a day. It was only used briefly for its intended purpose, however; the smoke and fumes from the steam engines of the day almost immediately rendered the terminal space uninhabitable. The 'ghost terminal' still exists today and is used for office space and storage for the MBTA and Amtrak." [Mass.]
EAST BOSTON/EVERETT—There's a lot of money flying around re: the race for a casino-resort license, and it's not always entirely clear who's getting what from whom: "We still don't know how much Wynn paid Everett United – and we probably won't, until eight days before the June 22 special election, when municipal ballot question campaign law will require Everett United to file a finance report." [Biz Journal]

Suffolk Downs

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MBTA South Station

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