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Off Inman Square, What You Get with Parking and a W/D

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We continue to parse the real apartment rents of Cambridge so you don't have to. The latest comes from a reader reporting back from Inman Square (on Tuesday we heard from someone who's rent just shot up $100-plus off Porter).

Not sure if it's helpful or not but my girlfriend recently signed a lease on Harding Street, which is east of Inman Sq. While technically it's a 2 bedroom, it's more of a 1.5 bedroom because the second room is more office size. Anyways, it came with washer/dryer in unit, a parking spot behind the apt. The landlord lives in the apt above so it was a no fee off craigslist situation. I believe she pays $1,950 for the whole place. Hope that helps. It does! What's your story? Email us (anonymity guaranteed).
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Porter Square

1899 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140